The vetting of your horse

All of our horses are subjected to strict veterinary examinations before entering our Stables and then every 6 months afterwards to ensure their ongoing fitness and suitability for the sport. The main clinic that we use for our overseas customers is the Veterinary centre in Someren. This large practice is approved by every insurance company in the Netherlands and is world reknowned for its' professional approach and unfailing reliability. Apart from several top vets and surgeons it is the "second home" of Hollands' leading equine radiologist, Professor kees Dik, who has also been responsible for for the publishing of several books on equine radiology that are used as course material in veterinary schools. The veterinary centre is built in such a way that even vettings can be performed both Indoors and outdoors and also incorperates a large operating theatre which is in constant use for all forms of surgery, from minor "repairs" through to major Colic. Other practices in the Netherlands constantly refer their patients to Someren in the event of neccesary or emergency surgery . In short, we doubt that there is a better clinic available to our clients, should we locate one then we will ensure that you are the first to know.

If you find the horse you are looking for we will arrange a new vetting at a clinic and by a veterinarian of your choice. You are of course welcome to take X-rays and vetting reports home with you in order to have them evaluated by your own vet and/or insurance company. Should you prefer then we are able to arrange full coverage in almost any country in the world on your behalf.( the cost of a five stage vetting with a complete set of x-rays is +/- 350- GBP or 450-U.S.)

We also use a variation of other veterinary clinics depending on the individual requirements of our customers. Some of our customers veterinarians are familiar with one of our clinics and express a preference as to where horses are vetted. The Veterinarians and Practices we use are amongst the most respected clinics in Europe:

Peter van Ooijen Equine clinic Someren
Edwin Enzerink Equine clininc Someren
Jaques Maree Equine clinic Honselaarsdijk